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Nederland smelt door Joris' aanzoek in The Undateables Show.

I’m quite like my dad and Andy’s quite like me in that we both hate losing." Her children, tennis ace Andy and his older brother Jamie (currently Britain’s number 1 doubles player), were brought up in Dunblane in much the same way. Lack of money and the "rubbish weather" often trapped the family indoors, which meant that Judy had to summon her inner Blue Peter and do all kinds of ingenious things with cereal boxes.

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Her most popular invention, "cereal box table tennis", involved the kitchen table, "a ping pong ball that cost 20p", two biscuit tin lids (for rackets) and a net made out of stacked up cereal boxes.

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When I ask her how she feels after her son’s wedding, her hazel eyes mist over.

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" When you meet Judy Murray in person she’s quiet and elegant with no hint of the bunched fists or bared teeth that characterise her Wimbledon persona.

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